Friday, 4 August 2017

Raising Sales with Content and Social Selling

No matter what company you're looking at, they have a goal of making sales. You could have some of the greatest fans on the internet, but if they neglect to buy your product, you have nothing. This is where social selling, which involves using techniques on social media platforms to promote sales and traffic, can come into play. The idea is to post and show your online audience what they need to know before doing a single thing. The primary goal for social selling is interaction. You need your audience and customers to respond to any efforts you make.

One of the best examples of trying to push out content for customer interaction is what Marcus Sheridan was able to do with his blog, River Pools and Spa. He created a place for all of the questions that his customers would ask. Social media essentially became his customer service. However, this is not the only path you can take when it comes to social interaction. You could include countless things: How to Guides for common problems, tutorials with the item in question, Webinars for personal real time help and providing shocking information to promote what is similar to a scare tactic. An example of this is that an insurance company stated in videos that green roofs (meaning eco-friendly, solar panels, etc.) were not commonly covered under insurance policies. This scares multiple customers to communicate with the agency to change their policies to fix the issue.

There are more ways to make sure that interaction with online customers is personalized. Most people are aware of Google Analytics, the popular application to determine where your online traffic is coming from. However, an additional program can enhance these features: Leadfeeder. This program works with Google Analytics to determine the would be lost information about your anonymous visitors. Leadfeeder allows you to see what offices that your visitor is coming from via IP addresses; this means that you will have much more information to use for personalizing the experiences. Leadfeeder also tracks what pages these visitors are looking at, which can even further create a connection.

However, there is an error with all of these ideas; contact information is critical to complete the establishment of a relationship. Many people neglect to see the simple 'Subscribe' box that comes along with nearly every website. That is where content upgrades can be beneficial. Things such as free offers, e-books, .pdf files with useful information and more; this works very well as you also know from traffic that they are already interested in the topic. Visitors are automatically more interested and are therefore more likely to leave the information.

Once you have their information, the final steps can be made. Sending an email is rather easy while also establishing that not only is the visitor interested but you as the company are as well. A simple message ensuring that you can aid them with support and ask if they are interested in a call is all you need. Nothing needs to be elaborate. With social and content selling, sales can skyrocket with ease. However, that is only the content is done correctly. When done correctly, not only will a customer base grow but so will sales.

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